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Apica notebooks are simple and reliable for everyday writing. The 6A100 notebook has smooth card stock covers, and the paper is pleasant for use with fountain pens.

Each notebook contains 100 sheets (200 pages), suitable for large volume of writing and note taking. There are 30 lines of 7mm rule on each page.

For ease of referencing, an index page is included at the front of the notebook, as well as an index label on the spine for labeling and sorting.

Customer Reviews

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A "goldilocks" experience

Journals are surely an intensely personal judgment call. This one has become a favourite because it is a size that fits my habits, with plenty of pages, and a remarkable ability to accept a wide array of inks and nib widths without complaint or protest. Excellent quality and reasonably priced. I hope that these will be in stock for years to come.

Alexandre S.
Vintage-style Japanese composition books—an excellent value

Finally a retailer in Canada is offering these classic Japanese composition books! I bought a bunch of these while in Japan and fell in love with the vintage-feeling cover, utilitarian page layout, and paper quality. Since running out, however, I have until now struggled to find them for sale online by a Canadian retailer. These are ubiquitous among Japanese students for a reason: they are inexpensive enough for casual, everyday use ($11 for 100 sheets (200 pages)) and reliably high-quality. The binding folds perfectly flat once broken-in (with the exception of the very first page, which tends to stick to the cover like other Japanese notebooks) and the thick, smooth paper takes ink very well with no feathering or spread. However, I did have a little bit of bleed-through when using Noodler's 54th Massachusetts out of a particularly wet medium nib—so there is a limit. As always, YMMV, but I reckon most inks should work fine. The inclusion of an index at the beginning of the book (which you can use as a table of contents) is useful as well, although bear in mind that there are not enough table slots for 200 entries if you're a page-a-day user. Overall, these make great fountain-pen-friendly replacements to the marble-cover composition books we're all used-to from school. 200 pages should last plenty long too. The only thing I would change about these is the line spacing. If you have very small print, 7 mm rule might feel like a bit of a waste of space. It would be great to see these in 6 mm rule like the 50-sheet version, but this is just a minor quibble. In any case, kudos to Inkypaw for stocking these!

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