Iroshizuku 50ml Ink Bottle - yama-guri (Wild Chestnut)

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This shade of brown conjures up the image of a ripe, fallen chestnut shell during the longing season of autumn.

Iroshizuku is a line of luxurious inks created by Pilot. The gorgeous shades will fill your fountain pen with bold, beautiful and vivid colors. The name of each Iroshizuku bottled ink derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual colour.

The sleek ink bottle is a beautifully crafted glass container designed with an innovative dip at the bottom to ensure the savory enjoyment of every last drop. It is a piece of art that deserves to be displayed on your desk.

Iroshizuku inks is safe to use in all makes of fountain pens. Made in Japan.

5ml sample is available to help you choose the colour you like.

*Our ink swabs are references to the actual ink colour. We have taken a lot of care and effort to ensure these swabs represent the actual colour to their best extent, but colours may vary due to factors such as monitor brightness and colour, nib size and wetness of your pen, and paper used. If you are unsure, we recommend trying an ink sample or chat with us, we are glad to help.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin W
Generous sample

Tried a 5ml sample and love the colour. Chestnut is a good name, but in some lights it almost looks like Robert Oster's Bronze which is a little more green. Will definitely be ordering a whole bottle once the sample's all gone!

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