Kleid x Life Noble Note A5 Notebook - Olive, Cream Paper

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Kleid and Life are both Japanese notebook makers. Kleid is known for the unique 2mm grids in their notebooks, and Life uses good fountain pen-friendly paper. The Kleid x Life series marries Kleid's design with Life's special "L Writing Paper", making this a great notebook for anyone who enjoys the small grids.

The notebooks are offered in 4 cover colours and white or cream paper.


  • Vintage notebook cover design with gold foil stamp printing
  • Thread bound by hand in Japan
  • Life brand acid-free writing paper in cream colour
  • 100 sheets of A5 paper in 2mm grid printed in non-distracting light blue lines
  • A5 size, 210 x 148 mm

Customer Reviews

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Jason Schiedel
Beautiful design, perfect functionality!

I am a HUGE fan of Kleid notebooks, so the bar was extremely high for me on this purchase, a collaborative design between Kleid and Life. It succeeds in ways that the simple A5 notebook from Kleid did not- it's more substantial and at 100 pages will keep me drawing for quite some time. The design is very thoughtful. They have bound the book so that it is almost like 5 Kleid notebooks bound into a single volume. The binding allows each "partition" to open fully and lay flat (a feature that I really treasure about the Kleid books is their total flatness). I love this book and will enjoy my purchase but a note to Inky Paw- please stock the simple original Kleid A5 notebooks. There is no Canadian store online that I know of that stocks them and I would definitely buy them if you made them available!!!

Thanks for the suggestion! We will add the regular Kleid notebooks to our long list of products to track down :)

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