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The Capless Decimo (10th in Spanish) is the 10th model since the release of the Capless fountain pen in 1963. It is a lighter and slimmer pen than the regular Capless, featuring a selection of soft metallic colours with a 18K gold nib.

Pilot's Capless is the world's first retractable fountain pen, and has been a long selling pen since its creation in 1963. It has gone through several redesigns to evolve into the Vanishing Point today.

The pen features an unconventional mechanism that is more commonly found in ballpoint pens. With a retractable nib unit that is well hidden and sealed in the metal barrel, the nib will not dry out and you will never have to worry about losing a cap.

Each pen comes with a complimentary cartridge and a converter, nicely presented in a gift box. It is compatible with Pilot's IC-50 and IC-100 cartridges, as well as the CON-40 converter.

Customer Reviews

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Light-weight Beauty

I ordered the fine nib version. The red colour is lovely -- more metallic than the red of the Vanishing Point. It suits the silver trimmings perfectly.

While it is slightly slimmer than the Vanishing Point, the difference isn't that noticeable in the hand. What is markedly different, is the weight. The Decimo feels much lighter to use. I don't know how that affects longer writing sessions yet.

Writing with the Decimo is, as expected, just like the Vanishing Point, since they share the same internals. The Decimo does seem to be slightly dryer than the Fine Vanishing Point, though I suspect that's because it's brand new, while the VP has a few hours on it.

I bought this for my wife, after she appropriated my Vanishing Point because she prefers a lighter pen. At the moment, though, we're trading them back and forth. There's much to like about both.

Really nice and clicky

I got the extra fine nib, which is definitely extra fine with just enough flex I can get some line weight in my sketching. It's also pretty smooth for such a thin nib, the clicky noise it makes and the feel of the nib movement is great! makes me want to just play with it.

As for Inkypaw themselves they shipped this really quickly(expectantly give Covid stuff), the pen and ink I got came in perfect shape. Only negative I can think of is they used packing peanuts instead of something more environmentally friendly which may not be a problem for everyone and is not stopping me from ordering from them again should I need even more pens.

We're glad you love the new pen, and we are happy to hear that you are as environmentally conscious as we are! We try to reuse the packaging material as much as we can to reduce waste, and we hope more people will do the same :)

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