Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Demonstrator (Clear)

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The Pilot Kakuno is a fun and kid-friendly beginner fountain pen. This is a perfect pen to introduce your child or a friend to the wonderful world of fountain pens. Kakuno means "to write" in Japanese.


  • Cute smiley face on the nib that helps the writer with the correct nib orientation when writing - when the pen is in the correct position, the face will smile at you :)
  • Clear barrel and cap that showcase the inner mechanism of the pen and ink level
  • Triangular grip in the barrel helps make sure the fingers are positioned correctly
  • A solid cap with a hexagonal design that keeps the pen from rolling
  • Comes with 1 black ink cartridge. Additional cartridges and converters can be purchased for refilling. Compatible with Pilot CON-40 converter and the Pilot proprietary IC-50 ink cartridges.

Customer Reviews

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Great pen, comfortable and easy to use

I’m fairly new to fountain pens, but this one is really cute and easy to use. I also love the EF tip on this since I prefer very thin pens. It seemed scratchy at first, but I think it was because of the ink. Once I switched inks, the writing experience became quite smooth.

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