Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen - Burnt Orange Flowers

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The Pilot Metropolitan is a great fountain pen for beginning and experienced fountain pen users alike. Made by Pilot Japan, the quality and workmanship of this pen is exceptional. 

▶ A metal barrel construction, which is nice and unusual for a pen at this price point 
▶ Smooth steel nib that works great for beginners 
▶ Inexpensive and of good quality 
▶ Works with cartridges, CON-20 pump converter and CON-40 piston converter 
▶ Fun colours to choose from 

The pen comes with a black ink cartridge and a pump converter to start you off.

The CON-40 converter is optional and can be purchased separately. 

Writes finer compared to European nibs since it is Japanese nib size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monika Em
More Than Expected

As a vintage fountain pen fan I was impressed with everything about the Pilot Metropolitan - packaging, smoothness - and it was all topped off by Inky Paw's wonderful service and attention to detail.

Snazzy writer

An exquisite color. Like a dark orange Fanta Slurpee.
Great all around writer with smooth ink flow and just the right amount of feedback on the nib. Not scratchy. Reminds me of the fine nib Kakuno. Looking forward to the other colors.
My first dealings with Inkypaw...very nice so far.

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