Pilot G2 Retractable Gel Ink Rollerball Pen - Black (0.5 mm)

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Pilot's G2 is one of the most popular gel pens. They write smoothly, and has a contoured rubber grip section that reduces hand fatigue from prolonged writing.

The pens are retractable, so you don't have to worry about losing pen caps again.

Available in singles and a dozen (box). Refills are sold separately.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn K
Easily my favourite ballpoint pen

While writing at work I am unable to use my beloved fountain pens (for various reasons). The Pilot G2 has been my go to instead for many years. I tried lots of other pens but none performed as well as these do.

First, the ink is good a dark, which makes scanning/photocopying my notes much clearer.

Second, even when using them outside in the cold I’ve never had an issue with them writing reliably where many other pens are prone to poor ink flow in the cold.

Third, the extra-fine 0.5mm tip is very fine without being scratchy, allowing for much neater lines.

Fourth, as a lefty I always worry about smudged lines, but the ink here is quick drying and I’ve never had a smudged line or ink stained palm. Further, on a related noted, I’ve had my notes get wet and only noticed ever so slight fading/blurring/running of the ink.

In the end, these are outstanding pens and I anticipate continuing to use them for many more years (on top of the many that have already passed). Many of my colleagues also prefer these pens, so it can’t be just me!

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