J. Herbin 30ml Ink Bottle - Vert de Gris (Greenish Grey)

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Vert de Gris (Greenish Grey): this is a grey ink with green undertones. A nice grey colour that is neither too deep nor too soft.

J. Herbin is the oldest fountain pen ink maker in the world. The company was founded in 1670, and their standard ink line La Perle des Encres (The Jewel of Inks) was created in Paris in 1700. There are now 35 colours in the series.

J. Herbin uses all natural dyes in their fountain pen inks. This natural composition is reflected in near neutral pH of the inks, making it safe for pens and easy to clean. Each 30 ml bottle has an integrated pen rest. They are known as "D" bottle pen inks. The "D" refers to the old French unit of measure "la Demi Courtine".

30ml bottle. Made in France.

*Our ink swabs are references to the actual ink colour. We have taken a lot of care and effort to ensure these swabs represent the actual colour to their best extent, but colours may vary due to factors such as monitor brightness and colour, nib size and wetness of your pen, and paper used. If you are unsure, we recommend trying an ink sample or chat with us, we are glad to help.

Customer Reviews

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One of my top 10 inks

There is not other ink this colour. The colour is amazing, but there is little to no shading or sheen. Perfectly behaved. The easiest ink to clean out, I have ever had.
I love this unique gray-green, and it is always in one of my pens. It is is currently in my Pilot Custom 74 M, and I don't think think I will ever ink this pen with anything else.

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