Kokuyo Campus B5 Smart Ring Binder - Light Blue Paper

Kokuyo Campus B5 Smart Ring Binder - Light Blue

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Kokuyo's Campus Smart Ring binder is slim and light. It is nothing like the traditional binders. The binder's rings are tiny enough that carrying a few at the same time does not add bulk to your bag. It is the perfect size for meetings, classes and presentations.

Each binder has flexible plastic covers that protects the contents from water. It is semi-transparent so it is easy to view the content of the binder without having to open it. The spine allows the binder to be laid flat, and even folded backwards to take up less space.

It comes with a Contents page and 10 sheets of B5 Kokuyo Campus paper with 36 lines of 6 mm dotted rule. Each binder can hold up to 25 sheets of Kokuyo looseleaf paper.

Compatible paper: Kokuyo B5 looseleaf

Dimensions: B5, 250 x 176 mm, 9.84 x 6.93 inches

Customer Reviews

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Sophie Ngo
Best product

I’m so happy and satisfied with it, I bought 5 and it came perfectly fine! Will purchase here again if need so

Laura Marin
Excelent products

I have been looking for this smart ring binder and almost nobody has it and when I ordered it from amazon it never arrived, and finally, here I could order it and it took only 4 days. I love this binder is slim and light, and the kokuyo campus paper is so nice to write in.

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