Nebula Note Premium Notebook - Tea Grey

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Nebula Note recently released a new notebook, made with their ink-proof white paper. Each notebook comes with 2 guide sheets printed on both sides, and a pair of magnetic bookmarks that can be used to secure the guide sheets to the pages.


  • Durable hard cover with elastic band closure
  • Lay flat binding that allows the book to stay open
  • 192 pages of plain, 90 gsm ink-proof white paper, perfect for both painting and writing
  • Comes with a set of 2 guide sheets and 2 magnetic bookmarks
  • Expandable back pocket to store small notes or cards
  • A5, measures approximately 140 x 210 mm

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for swatching

I've already purchased another one of these! The paper shows off duotones, shimmer, and sheen really well - the surface is slightly resistant to absorption, so some inks take much longer to dry (Noodler's for ex.) Almost zero bleed-through (I was heavy handed with some swatches, so there were a few pinpoints of bleed through). It's pleasant to write on, and the guides make it easy and fun. I've used the first one for swatching and sampling inks, but the 2nd I plan to use for sketching, including washes.

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