Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - White Barrel Soft Pink

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The Pilot Kakuno is a fun and kid-friendly beginner fountain pen. This is a perfect pen to introduce your child or a friend to the wonderful world of fountain pens. Kakuno means "to write" in Japanese.


  • Cute smiley face on the nib that helps the writer with the correct nib orientation when writing - when the pen is in the correct position, the face will smile at you :)
  • Soft cheerful pastel colour with a white barrel
  • Triangular grip in the barrel helps make sure the fingers are positioned correctly
  • A solid cap with a hexagonal design that keeps the pen from rolling
  • Comes with 1 black ink cartridge. Additional cartridges and converters can be purchased for refilling. Compatible with Pilot CON-40 converter and the Pilot proprietary IC-50 ink cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Vicki Chow
For daily notes

Writes effortlessly and matches with the rest of my pink office accessories :)

Deirdre G
Cute Pen

I wanted something cute and not too expensive. I've heard the Kakunos are good in that regard, and it fits the bill. I have a cute pen, with a snap top, and a decent nib.

Delightful surprise!

I regret one thing about this pen, that is how long it took me to finally try it. I assumed due to its price-point and demographic, that it would be a cheap and paltry experience, but it's not:

- The nib is yet another superb Pilot, that punches above its price-point (I got mine in Fine).
- The slightly triangular grip is not bothersome at all, unlike some other brands (looking at you Lamy), which is another surprise since I have a claw-death-grip.
- The flow is great, and I've inked it with the sweet wet Herbin Rose Cyclamen.
- It doesn't feel super-cheap, and it's not overly lightweight (unlike the Platinum Preppy).
- It's actually not too short.

Ok, I regret two things, the second being: now I need to buy MORE. I'm a Pilot Fangirl apparently, I love the Metropolitan (I've 6), the Cavalier (I've 2), and the Prera (just 1 for now), and I'm happy to add this Kakuno, and more to my collection.

Note: I had the Pelikan M200 which IMO is an over-priced Prera;
I detest the TWSBI ECO (EF, M, Stub) except for shimmer ink usage;
I enjoy the Platinum Plaisir 03, but none of the Preppys even though the nib and grip are almost the same;
and I like the Jinhao 51A hooded EF (wooden barrel).....
... letting you know about my preferences in case you resonate with them.
I need and prefer nibs which are smooth like butter, with very little to no feedback.

Very happy with my purchase from Inkypaw, and the shipping was fast this time, yay! Happy to purchase again.

Melanie Benoit
Great pen!

Great pen!

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