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Designed by Japanese artist Mr. Tanaka, these cute little crabs quickly become sensational in the fountain pen community. They were originally designed to hold drawing tablet pens, but work perfectly for fountain pens as well. They sit well on your desk and will hold one of your daily pens for you.

The crabs are made of PVC plastic, individually hand painted by the artist, so each one will have slight variations in the pattern.

Customer Reviews

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Holds my pen with the strength of a crustation

Maja Furlong
Cute...and functional!

I love my little crab pen holder (I described it as "tiny but mighty" in another online review :) and am glad I could add it to my online order, along with my Benu fountain pen. It is very well-made and the hand-painted details are wonderful. My particular model is the "Horror"---the crab with the human eyes...which make it sound very scary, but I think it's cute. Thank you, Inky Paw, for this little work of pen-related art!

7 crabs

I bought 7 crabs at once for a group of friends and seeing them all together was delightful. They're very good at holding pens and bringing some charming positivity to your desk!

I wish I didn't have to give the rest away.

Also appreciate that these are the legit crabs from the original artist/sculptor; you can tell that the paint job is well done!

Bea A
Cute and crabby

I got the lavender crab and it looks right at home holding my matching Sailor pro gear slim in hataori tsuru (grateful crane).

Gaetan Therrien
So cute!!

They are small, very strong and very colourfull!!! Why only buy one when i need four😄 !!
I just loved them.

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