Benu Briolette Luminous Blue Fountain Pen

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Benu's Briolette collection are resin fountain pens with a multi-faceted design along the pen body. The long briolette-like cuts help prevent the pens from rolling, and enables the true color and brilliance of the material to emerge. Many of the pens in this collection have sparkles throughout, and some even glow in the dark!

The Luminous Blue fountain pen has a resin body with black and light blue colours. There are silver sparkles trailing from one end of the pen to the other, in a visually pleasing way.


  • Lightweight resin pen body that glows blue in the dark
  • Silver toned Schmidt nib. Replacements are sold separately.
  • Comes with a long international cartridge and a converter

Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Silk

This pen is beautiful and writes like a dream. This is the most $ I've spent on a fountain pen (so far) and I'm not disappointed. It's very comfortable in my hand, the cuts in the body don't impact its comfort. And yes, it glows.

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