J. Herbin Fountain Pen 50 Ml Cleaning Solution

J. Herbin Fountain Pen 50 ml Cleaning Solution

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The J. Herbin fountain pen cleaning solution is a handy companion to keep your beloved pens in top shape. This cleaning solution is made in France with mostly natural ingredients, so it will not damage pens.

To clean your pens, simply pour some of the solution into a small cup, dip your nib in and load the solution into your pen. Let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it with cold water. Your pen will then be ready to be reloaded with new ink.

Please note that it may not work as well with dried up ink in a pen. In that case you may want to soak the nib and feed in water before administering this cleaning procedure.

This product contains 50 ml of the cleaning solution. Some discoloration may occur over time but it should not affect the performance.

Also available in cartridges or 15 ml bottles.

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