Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Copper Barrel

Kaweco LILIPUT Fountain Pen - Copper

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The liliput, measuring at 3.4" capped, is the smallest fountain pen in the Kaweco family. The pen comes with threading on the end of the barrel that allows the cap to be screwed on, bringing the pen to a comfortable length for use.

The copper liliput is made of raw copper that will darken over time to a reddish brown colour, just like the penny.

The pen comes with one blue short international ink cartridge inside the barrel of the pen and a metal pen case. Converters can be purchased separately for your favourite inks.

Customer Reviews

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The cutest little pen you'll ever own

I cannot overemphasise just how tiny this cutie really is, without being so small that you can't actually write with it. But the true character of this pen is really in the material: she will pop out of the box nice and shiny, and then get covered in a patina over time. This will give your pen that extra touch that will make her unique. I haven't tried polishing mine yet, but I'm looking forward to the effect I'll get.
There are loads and loads of videos and reviews all across the internet about this piece, and I really encourage anyone who might be interested in this item to take some time and check out all the various alternatives there are, and the before-and-after photos. There really is something quite unique to this pen.
Only thing to note, you will need to keep it clean, or excessive sweat will make the pen and your hands smell. It is made of copper after all.

Robert Morton
Top Quality

Was aware the pen was small before purchasing. Was surprised at how tiny it is!
When capped the pen is a good length.
The quality and workmanship is exceptional.
Writes, smooth and wet.
A fantastic pen. Highly recommend.

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