Midori MD Paper Pad Cotton A5 - Blank

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The Midori Paperpad has an original double-edge binding design - the pages are glued along both the vertical and horizontal edges. This makes the pad sturdy and stops the pages from shifting as you write. It also gives you the freedom to sketch or take notes without difficulty while you are standing.

MD Paper Cotton was developed in 2013, with cotton pulp used for 20% of the materials, giving it a soft, fuzzy texture. Cotton paper is also extremely durable and preservable, and has long enjoyed a reputation as high-quality paper in Europe, where it was used for important paperwork and official documents for centuries. Its fibers are longer and narrower than those of pulp, giving it a smooth, pleasing texture with a softness that feels like it is infused with air.


  • Double-edge binding that prevents the page from shifting during writing
  • Cut at the bottom left corner so it is easy to pick up the sheet of paper
  • 90 sheets of blank MD soft white cotton paper
  • A5 - 148 x 210 mm

Also available in cream-coloured MD Paper.

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High quality Japanese paper

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