Noodlers Ahab Flex Nib Fountain Pen - King Philip Pens

Noodler's Ahab Flex Nib Fountain Pen - King Philip

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Noodler's Ahab is a full length flex nib fountain pen with a slightly larger pen barrel. It is made of vegetal resin and has an odour when new that will become less noticeable gradually.

The pen features a screw on cap with a pen clip that is shaped like a whale's flipper. Included with the pen is a large capacity piston filler converter, which can also be replaced with the Noodler's 308 reusable ink cartridge for an increased portability and even greater ink capacity. The Ahab is also a great candidate for eyedropper conversion.


  • Full-size pen body that helps with a better control
  • Steel flexible nib
  • Can be fully disassembled for cleaning
  • Various colour options
  • Comes with a piston converter, and compatible with the optional 308 ink cartridge
*Note that some of the pens may have speckles in the body material. This is common for vegetal resin and is not considered a defect.

    Customer Reviews

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    Chelsea Castro
    Ahab Flex in King Philip

    The pen itself is great! I love the ability to flex the nib without paying the price for a vintage. The only thing is the smell, which apparently is due to the resin (and I heard is partly why they're able to manufacture them for the price)
    Shipping from Inky Paw was fast and easy, and they sold it for a better price compared to places like Amazon for example. I'm super happy with it. The smell goes away over time. Thanks, Inky Paw!!

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