Pilot Con-40 Fountain Pen Twist Converter Accessories

Pilot CON-40 Fountain Pen Twist Converter

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The CON-40 fits all of Pilot's current fountain pens, including the popular Metropolitan and Kakuno. Holds approximately 0.6 ml of ink.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Snell
Good addition to Pilot pen

This is a vast improvement on the original "squeegee" ink container in my Pilot Metropolitan. My only complaint is a familiar one: in my Metropolitan, it doesn't fill completely, or doesn't have much capacity. I have two of these and both are the same, so it's a design issue. That means that refills happen a little more often than desired. It was sent quickly with a friendly not attached!

Daniel Klass
a Perfect Fit

It was a great relief to discover that the Con 40 converter fit perfectly into my dandy Pilot Elite fountain pen. It works seamlessly and leak free. What else can I ask? Well, also that it arrived promptly, and that the proprietors of Inky Paw seemed genuinely keen on getting me the right product. A small but completely satisfactory interaction.

Alexandre S.
Reliable and Easy to Clean

The CON-40 is often disparaged for its meager ink capacity and inability to (easily) get a full fill, especially in comparison to its much larger cousin, the pump-action CON-70. That said, I agree with Monika's review that this converter is ideal for swapping out inks frequently either if you are trying to find a new favorite, or simply get tired of colors quickly (as I do). The metal agitator beads do a good job of breaking the surface tension of the ink, providing a pretty consistent flow. It also cleans out easier than any converter I've ever used, with only a few backfills necessary to get all the ink out of the chamber. The CON-70, by comparison, can be a nightmare to get completely clean. If you always use the same ink, or otherwise need the high capacity, then the CON-70 is probably better for you (as long as your pen fits it), but otherwise this little guy does the job just fine. My only gripe is that it's very lightweight. Not a huge deal for metal pens, but resin pens like my Custom 742 felt a lot more substantial in hand when fitted with the heavier CON-70. The lower maintenance of this converter still makes it worth it though.

Monika Em
Great for Ink Sampling

One customer's too little is another's just right. I'm working my way through many ink samples so this small capacity converter is perfect for trying them out without commiting to more ink. I agree with G's review that it's not the best for every day carry or frequent writer.

Not worth it

I bought it for my Pilot Metropolitan. It appeared this converter carries less ink than the squeeze converter the pen comes with. I don't think it was worth purchasing this converter.
However, my order was on time and there was a pleasant hand-written "Thank you!" message on my receipt.

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