Pilot Metropolitan MR1 Fountain Pen - Black

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The Pilot Metropolitan is a great fountain pen for beginning and experienced fountain pen users alike. Made by Pilot Japan, the quality and workmanship of this pen is exceptional. 

▶ A metal barrel construction, which is nice and unusual for a pen at this price point 
▶ Smooth steel nib that works great for beginners 
▶ Inexpensive and of good quality 
▶ Works with Pilot cartridges, CON-20 pump converter and CON-40 piston converter

The pen comes with a black ink cartridge and a pump converter to start you off.

The CON-40 converter is optional and can be purchased separately. 

Writes finer compared to European nibs since it is Japanese nib size.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Prakrut Upadhyay
Best Pen for beginners

It is just smooth and buttery!!!

Jeff A*
Best Fountain Pen At This Price Point

There's a reason why this pen is so highly rated at this price point. You just have to try to believe it.

Sure there are better out there but at 10-100x the price. I keep a Metropolitan in my desk at all times!

Great Pen

First off, I think this is the best price for a Pilot Metro I've seen in Canada. The pen itself feels really nice in the hand. The fine nib writes very smoothly and precisely. I love that it comes with a converter <3. I'm unsure if I like it _as_ much as my Lamy Safari grip wise, but I love the thinness of the fine nib and professional air this pen gives off. Too bad I can't show it off in a meeting during this global pandemic :p

Writes well!

The fine nib is smooth and precise to write with. A great, reliable pen to start using fountain pens and ink.

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