Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib

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The Platinum Preppy is a great beginner's fountain pen for those who want to get a feel of writing with fountain pens. They are affordable, easy to use, and offer an array of colours for you to choose from.

All of the Preppy pens are made in Japan. Two nib sizes are available - 03 Fine and 05 Medium. Medium is only available in Black, Blue, and Red. Fine is available for Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Purple and Yellow.

It comes with one cartridge. After finishing it, you have the option to purchase refills or a converter to continue using the pen. If you are a frequent writer who do not want to refill the pen often, you can also convert it into an eyedropper that uses the whole pen barrel as a reservoir.

Customer Reviews

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Deirdre G
Everyday On the Go Pen

I use this with my on the go planner, and it's great on the Tomoe River paper in the hobonichi books. I bought a converter for it for later, but right now I'm liking the purple ink. It's a little light in the hand, but for 6 bucks, it's awesome.

Paul Warshawsky
Platinum Preppy converted to eyedropper fill

My first platinum preppy. I wanted to try doing a eyedropper pen conversion. With the O-rings and silicone from Inky Paw the conversion was a snap. The pen writes beautifully, although the ink flow is a tad heavy for some of the poorer quality paper that I have to work with. I’m using this as my backup pen for when my Pilot Metropolitan runs out of ink. Well worth the price!

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