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Stalogy's 365 Days Notebook is a lightweight but substantial personal organizer that allows you to dedicate one whole page to each day of the year.

The notebook features a minimalistic design, and it can be started any time during the year, as the date, month, week, and year are not pre-printed, leaving it up to the user to decide when to start the book.


  • 368 pages of lightweight but fountain pen friendly paper to create the least bulk - the book measures 1.4 cm thick
  • Opens flat and can be bent backwards, making it easy to write without a desk
  • Date details printed in light gray ink at the top corner of each page, simply circle or underline today's date
  • The layout of the notebook makes it great for everyone to capture daily schedules, ideas, notes, and random doodles. Each page has a grid layout with a timeline on the left running vertically down the page, all printed in a non-distracting light gray ink
  • Editor's Series is available in 4 sizes: A6 (105 x 148 mm), B6 (125 x 176 mm), A5 (148 x 210 mm), and B5 (176 x 250 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I’ve been using the Stalogy 365 Days for almost a month and I’ve been loving it as a bullet journal! I was also considering the Hobonichi Day-Free but decided the space taken up by quotes was wasteful for me, space-wise and price-wise. If you’re in the same dilemma, I’d consider the page styles. Personally, I’m glad I went with Stalogy!

As someone who enjoys the freedom of creating my own spreads but still needs the guides, the faint graph paper is perfect. The squares are quite small though so take this is into account with the size of your writing! (I’ve only ever used a Leuchtturm 1917 in the same A5 size and the squares are much smaller on the Stalogy.) As well, if you prefer built-in templates, this would not be the best choice for you. The date you can circle on the top of each page is almost invisible that it’s pointless (I don’t mind!) and every page is the exact same blank page from beginning to end.

As far as paper goes, it’s a bright white, thin paper. It can handle fountain pen ink, markers, and watercolor well without bleeding through the other side. There’s ghosting but it doesn’t interfere with the content on the other side. The paper also crinkles once you’ve written in it but I don’t mind as it gives it a lived-in feel. Finally, the cover is a lovely warm yellow exactly like the product photo. It’s basically card stock so if you are planning to travel with the notebook, I 100% recommend buying a cover for it.

Overall I’m happy with my purchase and looking forward to fill the rest of its pages. :)

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